Bat Trang- a village, located along the Red River flowing through Hanoi capital of thousand years of civilization, underwent many historical vicissitudes but Bat Trang traditional village retains its own identity and uniqueness of traditional pottery. During the open period, Bat Trang has also produced artisans who know how to combine the essence of traditional pottery and sophistication of modern pottery in order to bring Vietnam ceramic products to the international market, and the first typical artisan can’t ignore to mention is Mr. Manh Dan. 

Since the 90s of the last decade, after the young man of Manh Dan had recently left school, he traveled up hill and down dale to the pottery village of Bat Trang for painting and decorating for a famous pottery shop at that time (Quang Pottery Shop). By both making and learning, he didn’t know clearly when he was addicted to and loved pottery.
The first chance came to him when one of his friends held the blueprint of ceramic samples of a French client around Bat Trang pottery village but no pottery shops satisfied the samples as requested. His friend came to complain to him and ask for his help. With his creativity and inquisitiveness, he tried his best and the unexpected result was that the French appreciated his products and would like to cooperate in pottery with him. Since then a new line of ceramic products was born: It’s Art Ceramic!

With the passion, the lifeless clods of clay, which may be underestimated as raffles, were brought soul by the artisan – Manh Dan so as to create unique and distinct pottery works of art compared to other ceramic products lines. Art ceramic products designed by him to have been the inspiration for architects and interior decoration at home and abroad, to satisfy the most discerning VIPs from Japan, the US, Europe, etc.
Pottery is the essence of land and forged in the fire at 1200, when it is came out of oven it will be normal like other ceramics without association with marine pureness, the essence of the forest, skills of artisans. The harmonious coordination create the soul of the pottery.

In 2007, the artisan of Manh Dan, with independent personalities from childhood, has established Manh Dan Ceramic Company Limited (MD Ceramic) to assert itself and find opportunities to expand to the world. Annually, MD Ceramic has participated regularly in major craft fairs in the world such as Germany Ambiente, Hong Kong Megashow, France, currently MD Ceramic has opened a showroom and a representative office in the USA.

MD Ceramic has major corporations such as PRIE 1, TJX, Hopy Hopy, HOMEGOODS, UMA as customers. The company annually exports the products equal to millions of dollars and creates jobs for hundreds of workers with stable salary level. In the workshop with an area of 5000m2, nearly 500 officials, employees and strong design teams have worked tirelessly to create a world-class brand – MD Ceramic.

Study, study more, study forever! The words are engraved in the artisan of Manh Dan’s mind plus the willingness to learn for the purposes of developing the brand of art pottery – MD Ceramic into national and regional brand.


Address: 216 Giang Cao, Bat Trang, Gia Lam, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (+ 84-4) 3874 5650 – Fax: (+ 84-4) 3874 6058